Thank you for visiting the web site of Arte Sagrado. The studio was opened in 1998 and has been serving the faithful clientele in Lima for over 10 years. Tattoo artist Enrique Patino is actually working at the shop Arte Sagrado in Lima, he was working as a guest artist at Bear's Skin Art, Edmonton, Canada for more than 1 year, but now he is back ! There is a new and talented artist in the shop, Javier Jade. Javier is the winner of various awards from different conventions, and excels in black and white styles of tattooing. Come visit the shop, meet the artists and view our galleries of past work. We look forward to working with you to create the perfect piece of art for your tattoo. We are ARTE SAGRADO, at your service.

......Enrique Patiño Bottino

Javier "Jade" Campos.
Enrique Patiño
Javier came back from Colombia tattoo convention with an award
jason tyler grace from san francisco tattooing at arte sagrado for a few more days

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Sundays and holidays by appointment.
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